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NOSTOS Live Concept

NOSTOS, a journey through 4 Dimensions: Dance, Visual Arts, Music and Time.

You may ask: What’s new?

The Holographic backdrop projection tulle!

We have created videos and 3D animations so our public can follow us into the inner Journey of our souls, through misteries, colors, images and words.

Furthermore there are some special moments: the contemporary dancers transform the music into Movement and the Poetry bring you back to the early treasures of our Culture.

How did we succeed?

Thanks to our Teamwork! Celpidrum is not only a band, we are a close-knit team with only one goal: share our music in the World ‘cause everyone should be able to listen to the Universal Language of Music.

Guerrino, Luca, Riccardo and Fabio


Our Style

Every single music piece has its own history and, as result, every single musical note has a soul.

As you can see in the video below, Luca loves playing in the dark hours of the day surrounded by the Nature’s sounds like a pianist of the old romantic Era. While you are watching the video, you can imagine how we create our style!

Luca starts composing deep-childlike melodies and then during rehearsals me and Guerrino start figuring out his thoughts and intentions; after this primary mental process we begin to play together the new piece, step by step we add rythms on drums and counterpoint melodies on cello. After re-arranging the primal melody, a new music piece comes to life!

How long does this process last? Well, it depends on how much time we have! Generally it takes 30-40 days rehearsing one time per week; after this period we try to improve the Piece in order to give him a stronger identity.

I love thinking about this processes such as a alchemy of thoughts: we believe that the communion of three different spirits can translate the Music of the Universes into something more understandable for the common people ❤️

This is the reason why I love playing in this Project: we are always creating music, exploring ourselves and the Spirit of All Things.

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Awareness for Mother Earth

We have created the live project Celpidrum for Mother Earth, a live show where instrumental music meets videoprojections taking the public into his Inner World.

We want to enhance the sacred natural places of Europe such as natural and artificial Caves of our Country.

Why this project? Because we still think that have something to say to the European People.

Our mission is developing the ancient melodies and harmonies of our Land, a kind of awareness campaign of Our Music History!

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Concerts and Venues

During this summer we started thinking about a new way of playing our sonatas: over the last four years we wanted to keep our music in its original state, pure acoustic sound and if necessary a little bit of amplifications.

As you can hear we are using electronics moving into the world of synth pop music…and we are planning the release of a new video where we will perform a full-synth-electro-new-song😎😁

In this way we can make young people appreciate our music and of course classical music!

For these reasons we’re going to play our compositions in the small clubs of our country, trying to offer the same live experience we give away in theaters! Music has no limits…every single person of the Earth should not have limits, ‘cause the only limit lives inside us.

The new concerts season has already started, we are planning a lot of different types of concerts in as many different venues. Stay in touch and check our Facebook page😜😎

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Venice – Biennale 2018

7th September 2018

We were invited in Venice at a conference regarding architecture, nature, visuals and sound. The beauty of the city at sunset and the gorgeous location of Giardini della Biennale offered a perfect landscape for the meeting of personalities such as Patrick Blanc (describing his vertical garden creations), Dr. Agostino Catalano, Fabio Molinari, Rachele Barbisan, Roberto Barban (ISens Custom Life Technologies), Salvo Barrano, Gabriella Bravin and many others. Much attention has been paid to the relationship between spaces, beauty and restoration. The main lesson everybody took at the meeting was a different awareness of a sustainable future in which art and structural efficiency can cooperate, a perspective that can allow future generations to enjoy of choices we make today.